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over 9 years ago Hackathon Data Guide

You can also view the information below and bookmark the data guide at this link:

This data set contains select examples of the data sources that uses. In addition, we have hospital survey data as well to help you come up with ideas. These have been scrubbed for patient information and are to give developers a sense to what information is available to myNYP.

Download these files here: InnovateNYP Data


Directory "CCRs"

Provides sample Continuity of Care Records as the ones used to organize patient health data by More information on this standard is available at: Standard Specification for Continuity of Care Record (CCR)


This is a sample of the medication information that myNYP accesses when an Inpatient is displayed their medications.


This is a sample of the vaccine information that myNYP accesses.


This is sample scheduling data that myNYP uses to let patients see their past and upcoming appointments.


If you need inspiration, we've included our 2013 comments from our Press-Ganey survey. This survey is given to NYP inpatients about the quality of the stay and potential areas for improvement. This is NOT to be used as a data source, but as a way to find patient experience problems to be addressed.