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about 9 years ago

FAQs for InnovateNYP Hackathon

NY-Presbyterian InnovateNYP Hackathon FAQ:


Is it free to join?


Are there rules?

Yes. Take a look at the Official Rules. All participants will be required to acknowledge and sign a copy of the Official Rules when checking-in at the Hackathon on March 15, 2014 in order to participate.

How can I join?

You should register for the event on and Then be sure to keep an eye out for updates from now until the event. On March 15, come to NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital, Riverview Terrace, 177 Fort Washington Avenue, New York, NY 10032 at 8:00 am. for registration. The event kicks off at 9:00 am sharp and you don’t want to miss the beginning!

I’m from outside New York City, can I still participate?

Yes, as long as you physically check in at the event on the first day and are present for the demo on the second day.

Do I have to join a team?

No, but it may be easier to work with others when building a prototype. Remember, you want to account for design, UX and coding. You can join a team before the event by posting in the Discussion section or meet some folks and join a team on the day of the event.

How many people can be on my team?

No more than 8 people can form a team.

What is the scope of the Hackathon?

We are open to all ideas to improve the digital patient experience. We want to leave it open to you to come up with your best ideas. To help you get started, just visit our Apps Wish List section and get a better sense of some of the challenges there are today and the areas in which we want to find solutions.

What is myNYP? is an interactive personal health record that allows patients to control and access their medical information wherever and whenever they need it. Introduced by New York-Presbyterian using Microsoft’s HealthVault and Amalga technologies, consolidates and organizes information such as medication history, surgery reports, hospital discharge instructions, laboratory and radiology records, immunization history, allergy information, doctor and insurance information, and emergency contacts. By giving patients a simple, convenient way to manage their health, helps them become more informed, active, and empowered.

How does myNYP work?

Patients can visit to create a secure log-in and password. Then, they can request personal medical information from NewYork-Presbyterian as well as add information from other sources, such as doctors, pharmacies, and labs. All information is organized and stored through Microsoft’s HealthVault and Amalga technologies, and can be accessed easily whenever the patient chooses. Some of the health information from NewYork-Presbyterian is annotated with customized explanations to help patients understand their medical tests and procedures and give them additional information about normal and abnormal results.

What information can patients access from myNYP?

Patients can load whatever health information they choose onto, from any provider they have visited. In addition, patients can elect to have their records from NewYork-Presbyterian added to the site. With, patients can coordinate doctors’ appointments; manage their children’s health records; comply with school and childcare provider health record requirements; and search for specialists. They can also keep track of medication history, surgery reports, hospital discharge instructions, laboratory and radiology records, immunization history, and allergy information, as well as access general health information to help manage their everyday well-being.

Will there be access to data?

Yes. We will provide sample patient data to all teams. This data will be “scrubbed,” meaning it will not have any real patient personal information. We are creating these data sets just for this Hackathon so that you can dig in and hack away! We will also have members of the hospital’s technology staff available throughout the Hackathon to help answer your questions.

Are mobile solutions within scope of the Hackathon?

Yes, we are open to mobile and tablet solutions that meet the goal of creating the best possible patient experience online.

Can I build on open-source tools?

Yes, but each element of open source code must be identified, and you must comply with applicable open source use terms and conditions.

What should I bring?

We will provide you with WiFi, but bring your mifi if you have one as a back-up. You should be prepared to bring items like laptops, software, external storage, thumbdrives, tablets, chargers, additional monitors, headphones, pillows, maybe even your eye mask. We'll plan to run demos from a single Mac that is connected to the web, but if you have video adapters, please bring them in case we have to connect your device to our projector. Feel free to bring: phones, chargers, surge protectors, extension cords, sleeping bag, mouse pads, pens, paper, business cards, but please leave your baby raptor at home.

What's the hashtag?

#innovatenyp. Use it on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc.



Will there be food?

Yes. Breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinner will be provided on the first day, Saturday. Breakfast and lunch will be provided on Sunday with snacks available throughout the day on Sunday. If you have special dietary requirements, please let us know.

Do I have to work non-stop?

No. The work space will be available 24 hours. Don’t over exhaust yourself or your team. Know when to take breaks and when to get some rest.

Will there be journalists present?

We are expecting a handful of journalists over the weekend, so expect photos and video to be taken, and anticipate small interruptions. Because of all the recording happening, we'll have release forms for you to sign when you check in.

Who owns the prototype we make?

This is ultimately a question for your team. You should be able to continue working on the code after the event or share it with the open-source community. NYP is not taking ownership of your work, but NYP will require a license that permits NYP to use, copy, create derivative works, distribute, display and perform your work. Projects that demo must be “freezed” and shared with NYP to showcase on

What's the format of the demo portion of the event?

Each team will have a few minutes to present their working prototype to the judges and to answer questions from judges.

Will I be able to test my presentation before the final screening?

Yes. There will be a Saturday night work-in-progress screening as a first chance to test. On Sunday afternoon, as soon as you have something projectable, test it! There will also be reserved tech-check slots on Saturday afternoon and in the last hour of hacking for final tests. Test it early, test it often. Bring any adapters you think you'll need for projection.

Can my friends, family, and colleagues come to the final screening?

Yes. You are welcome to invite your friends, family, and colleagues to come support you for the Demo portion of the event only, which starts at 4:30 pm on March 16, 2014.  However, you will be limited to no more than two invitees.

What criteria will the judges use to evaluate the prototypes?

  • Ease of Use (20 points) – How intuitive is the experience? Would the patients find the application easy to use and understand?
  • Design (20 points) – Does the design reflect the NYP aesthetic? Is it clear and simple? Can patients who may have difficult seeing be able to view the application?
  • Benefit for Users (20 points) – Would a patient use this application? What would patients gain from their experience using the application?
  • Creativity and Innovation (20 points) – Is this a new idea? Does technology like this already exist for NYP patients? How innovative is the concept?
  • Overall Quality (20 points) –  Does it address any of the challenges or wishlist areas NYP had noted? Is the application practical and useful to the hospital and patients? Is this a tool that could be easily implemented? Should NYP consider using the application or informing its own internal decisions based on this application’s features?

Will there be prizes given at the event?

Yes. The individual or team with the highest combined score will take the 1st Prize award of $50,000. The individual or team with the second highest combined score will take the 2nd Prize award of $25,000. The individual or team with the third highest combined score will take the 3rd Prize award of $10,000. If a team wins a prize, the prize will be divided equally among the team’s members.