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about 9 years ago

Some InnovateNYP hack topics to think over

Welcome, to the InnovateNYP hackathon!

This is our first update and we're excited to have you join our inaugural hackathon for NY-Presbyterian Hospitals. To help guide your awesome ideas, we've come up with a list of topics that you're encouraged to address when creating your hack. We hope this gets your juices flowing as we get closer to the event. If you have any questions, please post them in the Discussions tab - and feel free to contribute to discussions already posted. 

See you soon,
Team InnovateNYP 

Overall Theme:

Develop a "wow" experience for our patients inside and/or outside of our hospital, ideally leveraging our patient portal,

Wishlist & Food for Thought:

  • Everyday Technologies – How can we incorporate the information, devices, products, and apps that people use every day into the patient-facing tools? How can we better connect/link the consumer as a patient with our healthcare system during times of illness and wellness?


  • Personalization – How can we deliver content and information to the patient in a personalized manner? How can we tailor specific information to the patient that may better engage them in their own care? How can we use outside, publicly available information, and tailor that based on a patient’s condition?


  • Mobile/Tablet Experience – We plan on distributing Windows 8 tablets to patients while they stay in our hospitals. How can we leverage these tablets and mobile devices as a way to better improve the patient experience?
  • Transparency & Simplicity – How can we make information about the patient’s care and their health easier to understand and access?
  • Family Engagement - How can we use the information and resources that we have to get a patient’s family and friends more involved? How should patients share their health information with their family?


  • Accessibility – How can we create a frictionless experience for our patients? How can we leverage self-service capabilities to make their stay easier and faster?
  • Wellness & Illness – How can we not just help people with their illnesses, but promote better wellness overall?
  • Social –How can we make healthcare and the patient experience more social? Extra points for weaving this and social media into whatever you develop.

A parent has a child with asthma. Could we use our information and other technology to help the parent take care of their child? How can we leverage asthma medication information, weather, and air quality to help them make the best decisions?

Do your best to focus less on what occurs operationally between staff at the hospital and more on what actually faces the patient.

And don't forget to get your InnovateNYP hackathon ticket at our Eventbrite page!