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Provider Patient Relations Improvement Via Tech

Any improvement team should have people that provide health care and people that are willing to be practice patients so that the upgrade to MyNYP can be useful and well integrated.

Start with a great search feature and someone should do some research into synonyms that crosses multiple sub sites, make sure it can pull data and geographic info from the users smart device and allows for smart adding to contacts, calendars, email and text message sharing that includes text, audio, video and pic sharing to and from.

It should easily allow for a virtual office visit i.e. Web Cam Visit, email consult, and an Oh I forgot follow up question feature.

It should integrate and pull data from hospital as well as out patient provider offices.
It should easily integrate and notify of status of pending prescription status with both local and mail away pharmacy.
It should notify of delays in office appointments.
Should allow for easy recrudescing and appointment scheduling.
It should allow for sharing between family members with an option to restrict individual items.
It should have an appointment and medication reminder as well as to remind to schedule a follow up, a test or pick up a refill.
It should also send alerts to standard communications i.e. email and text message when a new message is waiting and the log in process should not be to arduous.

Just a few items to get started. I am not a developer but have been a frustrated patient and currently work in private practice

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    Directly or Indirectly, Is this the description of the app

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